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Bhopal,the capital city of Madhya Pradesh,is an important cultural centre of the country and holds a prominent position in building India’s economy. releaseMyAd is a highly reputed advertising agency in Bhopal which helps in brands promotion,by assisting advertisers launch ads over an array of advertising mediums.We have a team of experts who guide you thoroughly in the media buying process, enabling you to reach your target audience in the best possible way.Be it booking ad space in the city’s top newspapers and online, or time slots in cinema screens, or spots in leading radio channels,we do it all for you!

Newspaper View Rates
  • Main Edition
  • 20cm X 12cm Ad
  • Any Page

The Times of India :


Dainik Bhaskar :


  • 15 Secs Jingle
  • 7 Spots/Day
  • 7 Days

Radio Mirchi :




  • 20 Seconds
  • Audio Slide
  • 15 Days

Cinepolis :


Fun Cinemas :


  • 100+ Websites
  • 10000 Impressions
  • 100 Clicks

Google Search Advertising :


Display Network Advertising :


Which Media is good for which budget?

Media Buying is the integral step in your ad campaign. After setting for yourself a budget and subsequently deciding a framework of your campaign, you need to focus on buying relevant media options for your campaign. Most advertising campaigns are launched to fulfil any of the three functions listed below, and their media buying plans also change consequently.

Branding: These campaigns are full-scale, involve a number of media platforms and require a hefty budget. The top ad platforms are website advertising, cinema and radio.

Brand Awareness: These campaigns tend to have a smaller budget, and more reliant on the more traditional media outlets, such as newspapers and the radio. These campaigns look to rebrand an existing product, and you can launch yours in Bhopal via releaseMyAd.

Sales: Sales campaigns do not generally stick to any particular stereotype, and are instead dependent on factors such as the focus group, and the product/service of the sale. ReleaseMyAd helps you choose the right medium for your audience.